Case Studies

Before forming The New York Paranormal Society, we were in another paranormal group and conducted some pretty high-profile investigations of some haunted places in the New York tri-state area. The following Case Studies are the stories of those investigations, told by those of us who experienced them first-hand.

Governor's House, Snug Harbor, Staten IslandThe Governor’s House: Staten Island, NY – November 20th, 2009
In November of 2009, NYPS members Jason Stroming, Laura Pennace, Jimmy Bricks, and Stacey Conway investigated the Governor’s House at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Multiple people have reported seeing a “Lady in White” in the northern attic window as well as moving around in the immediate area outside of the house. Those who have lived in the Governor’s House attic will not divulge too much of their experiences. Some have had no issue living there, and others have stayed only very briefly. Read more…